About Us

At Darts Tracker we provide high quality data and statistical analysis in the sport of darts.

The data is collected in real time and for accuracy is collated dart by dart where possible to allow a deeper and more meaningful insight to be provided and to enable the drama to be analysed as it unfolds. We pride ourselves on being one of the best and most accurate providers of darting intelligence and we believe the information we store is far more reaching than the breadth of data currently available from most providers. We work on both live data and historical data and our database is ever increasing and developing to ensure we remain at the forefront of this evolving statistical field.

The information we provide to our clients is both in depth and bespoke and can centre on player performance, match data, seasonal cumulative performance, tournament overviews, player comparisons, historical data, head to heads and much more. Our list of clients is growing and includes big names such as ITV Sport and Sporting Life. This growth shows no signs of stopping but we are always looking for opportunities to expand our network and collaborate and work with others. We welcome enquiries from all whether it be from individuals, companies, players, media, sports management companies, betting companies and/or any other potential client, sponsor or partner.

We were founded by leading darts statistician, Carl Fletcher who not only has a background in statistical analysis but has had a love of darts from a young age. This has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of what is relevant in analysing darting performance. We don’t believe in providing stats for stats sake, we want to ensure that what we provide to the end user and our clients is both useful and meaningful, as a result we are of the opinion that our data offering is unmatched and if there’s something you need we can tailor a solution to your meet your requirements.